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Iced Matcha Soy Latte

Posted by ITO EN on Jun 23, 2015 11:52:00 AM

Matcha is so, so delicious. This finely milled green tea powder is known for its natural energy boost with plenty of Catechin antioxidants and Vitamin C. There's something so special about the way it can taste both sweet and savory at the same time. Admittedly, for the beginning tea drinker, it is quite an intimidating tea to prepare. Measuring, sifting, whisking, not to mention all the special tools required to make this brilliant tea, can all become a little daunting.

In all of this, however, there is some fantastic news for those wanting to try this delectable and celebrated tea from the Japanese culture. Matcha lattes have become popular all over the world, and especially so in the U.S. as of late. Mixing the matcha with milk takes away its bitterness, leaving behind only its characteristic leafy sweetness.  

Super easy to make, and refreshing to boot, this matcha latte is extremely versatile. We've used soy milk with this recipe, but you can feel free to use whatever milk or dairy substitute you prefer. They will all work wonderfully. As for the matcha, I recommend our Matcha LOVE®-Classic, but any variety of matcha that you have on hand will work just as well.


Iced Matcha Soy Latte
For 1 Serving

1 tsp Matcha LOVE® matcha 
2/3 cup soy milk (unsweetened or lightly sweetened)
1/3 cup hot water (176°F, 80°C)
5-6 ice cubes

1. Sift matcha into a glass.

2. Add the hot water and whisk using a chasen (bamboo whisk) until a light froth forms on top. (If you don't have a chasen, add the water bit by bit and stir with a spoon or small whisk to distribute the matcha evenly.)

3. Stir in soy milk, add ice cubes, and enjoy!


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