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Tea 101: Which one is for me? Part 2

Posted by ITO EN on Jul 2, 2015 12:19:18 PM

PART II: For the Caffeine Lovers!

If caffeine doesn’t bother you as much ask yourself the next question.  Do you like a rich tasting tea or something lighter? 

Rich Teas

If you are looking for a really rich black tea we recommend the chocolatey notes of those from China like Yunnan Gold Tips and Keemun Superior or even something from the Assam region of India like our Mangalam Estate Assam.  A good visual cue is to choose those with lots of golden tips in them.  If dark and fruity is more your speed, we recommend trying a late harvest Darjeeling like our Makaibari Estate Second Flush Darjeeling or even the big soft taste of an Autumal Darjeeling.

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Assertive Teas

Working our way towards the assertive side of things we find a happy medium with Ceylon black teas like our perennial favorite Vithanakanda Estate Ceylon.  Bold and biscuit-like but with a very nice balance of mouth-drying astringency this is a great choice to drink with or without a splash of milk.  If assertive teas with milk are your favorite way to start the day, you might like to try our Irish Breakfast blend.  To round off our assertive black teas, we come to the quintessential smoky black tea Lapsang Souchong.  While not for everyone, the heavy pine wood smoke gives this tea a characteristic aroma and full flavor not unlike a heavily peaty scotch.

316_VithanakandaEstateCeylon_0572   826__IrishBreakfast_0482   272_LapsangSouchong_0361

Light Teas

Generally speaking if you want a more light tea drinking experience, the world of green teas is right for you.

Green Teas generally fall into two main categories that fortunately can be distinguished almost exclusively by country of origin.  Chinese green teas tend to have a very light mouthfeel and evoke notes of seeds, nuts, alfalfa and even smoke.  Dragonwell is a perfect introduction to Chinese green tea. 


Japan’s green tea tends to lie between grassy and the lingering sweetness also called umami.  Two notable exceptions to this trend are the delightful roasted aromas present in both Genmaicha and Hojicha.  What is truly intriguing with Japanese teas is the enormous variety within such a relatively small spectrum of flavors.  A good place to start here is with either of our two most popular senchas.  Okumidori Sencha is a full-bodied well balanced green tea while Megami Sencha is a very deeply steamed green tea that will trend more towards the straight forward sweet vegetal taste. 

210_Genmaicha_1047   141_Hojicha_0185   108_OkumidoriSencha_1206   145_MegamiSenchaPremium_1475

Delicate Teas

White teas are the most delicate tasting teas.  It is considered by many that the sweet taste of white tea is best appreciated by drinking water immediately after to catch echoes of this delicate tea.  We recommend our Silver Needle as a great introduction to white tea.



We hope that you take the chance to try premium loose leaf teas because they are one of the world’s most affordable luxuries.  With all of the variety out there, we are certain that there is at least one suited to your taste. 










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